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Rules of Use

1) For registration to our website and mobile application, the following fee has to be paid at the beginning of registration. This fee is for 1 year

No. Registration fee details Annual fee in Rs
1. Annual registration fee / renewal fee Rs. 2499/-
(Including 18% G.S.T)

NOTE: Fees can be paid using Net Banking / Credit Card or Debit Card through the Online Payment Gateway on the website or app.

2) Once paid the fee will not be refunded under any pretext

3) Fill in the Enroll Form along with photo on the website / app for name registration

4) From the search option on the website / app, age, height, Mars, education, government / private job or business, place of origin, along with Places can be found with photos

5) No extra amount is demanded after the marriage is matched by , If anyone is demanding more money from you in this way, let the organization know immediately.

6) If you enter your registration number and registered e-mail in the Response Option on the website / app, you will immediately get the phone number / e-mail and addresses of the places you have selected by email.

7) If the marriage is arranged by self-effort, it is necessary to inform Our Organization

8) Confirm the information of the places you have taken through your relatives and friends. The Center will not be held responsible if any questions arise in the future.

9) The Center does not guarantee that the marriage will take place after registration or in a certain day.

10) Parents should look at the biodata of the boys / girls and give them places according to their educational qualifications, financial strength, physical suitability and expectations.

11) No one should misuse the information received from the Center. If found to be so, the membership of the concerned will be canceled immediately and appropriate punitive action will be taken

12) 18 years or more (if you are a woman) or 21 years or more (if you are a man) can register your name on the website / App

13) If you have filed for divorce, you can register on our website / app by "Waiting for Divorce".

14) If you are a resident of any other country, you are legally able to get married as per the local rules applicable in your country and if you comply with Indian law for marrying an Indian person, then you can register on our website / app.

15) We have rights to use user Profile Picture And other information for our promotional advertising.

16) Once your profile activated, You are not able to remove or delete your profile from in any circuimstances.

17) No profile will be shared by WhatsApp. Profile contacts can only be viewed through the website or mobile app.

Mangalsutra Offer - Terms and Conditions

1) you need to share your experience on with us in video format

2) We will take video bite when we gift you a Mangalsutra and also we need your marriage photos and videos.

3) We will use your marriage photos,videos and the video bite we take when we give you the Mangalsutra for our Promotional Activities.

4) Required 1 Year Membership, to avail this offer.
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